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I am considering your coaching program but I hear it is a group program. How will I get individual attention?2024-04-22T14:11:43-05:00

My level 1 & 2 is a hybrid coaching environment which means you get about 50% one-on-one coaching and 50% group coaching – the best of both worlds!

There’s a Q&A thread daily so you can get your questions answered every single day of the week.

You’ll also get all the meal plans, tools, and resources that you could ever need to have a done for you thyroid weight loss plan; and we will be working together privately on a one-on-one coaching roadmap the entire time we are working together.

Hopefully now you can see this is so much more than just a “group program.“

Do you do coaching calls?2023-04-05T10:16:12-05:00

Levels 1 – 2 get a combination of chat and voice support via a chat coaching app. My clients love this coaching app because you can talk, send files, send texts, it’s very on demand, and all HIPPA compliant (ie medical information is secure), and it allows me to be available to them every single day.

My clients get a coaching response within 24 business hours and usually 1 to 2 times in the same day. They are busy losing weight and feeling great, and they don’t have time to be on multiple calls every single week or be bogged down with things to watch – they want on-demand, in the moment answers and I’m sure you do too!

I don’t know any other coaching program that provides this level of support for the price investment. My clients love the hands-on nature of the program and they get to talk to me every day in one form or fashion and this is why they are able to lose weight and completely reverse their thyroid condition for good.

All levels of my program do get two live zooms each week that are Q&A round table style, so this is a more face-to-face environment as well.

I’ve done all the diets and nothing has worked. How do I know your program will be any different?2024-04-22T14:09:10-05:00

That’s a simple answer! ME – I’m the difference! Maybe you already gathered that but I provide a very high touch relationship based coaching environment specific for women with a thyroid condition. My clients love me, I love them! We become friends during the process and see a lot of impact together, and I have a community that you’ll be so thankful to be a part of.

The experience with me is so unique there’s nothing else like it. And you probably already got that vibe from me through our conversations, on social, or just from my brand in general. I lead with my heart! I will work harder for you than you may even work for yourself! That’s how serious I take this and this is so much more than a business transaction to me.

That’s why my program is the BEST one for you. And let’s state the facts, I have the best track record and a proven system that actually works to get results and testimonials all over the place, so this is another reason why you should join KGN now!

I am a thyroid Registered Dietitian expert, and have over 8 years of experience working with women who have a hormone and thyroid condition, helping them reverse it for good. I only accept women with a thyroid condition for this reason. I have a proven method specifically designed for women to get to the root of their thyroid condition while providing the needed customization to make it your own! No “cookie-cutter” plan here!

To learn how my Keto Girl Method is specifically for women like you, click here to listen to my podcast episode.

I travel a lot, how can I make this work?2023-04-05T10:15:51-05:00

A LOT of my clients travel for work and are on-the-go 5 days a week! I work with clients to provide individual customization and build out a plan for this. Yes, there are meal plans available, but I work with your busy lifestyle and goals to make it simplified and a solution. The key is you feel empowered to know how to confidently eat for your body. Yes, my clients who eat out on the road see the SAME weight loss and are able to reverse their thyroid condition, just like my clients who eat most of their meals at home.

I see you have payment plans. I’m really nervous to invest but I’m hoping you have a plan that will work for me!2024-04-22T14:05:55-05:00

We have multiple different payment options, including HSA or FSA. We are willing to work with you on a payment plan that works best, and make you feel comfortable in getting started! Email to discuss a custom payment plan

How much time do I get with you?2024-04-22T14:03:18-05:00

I know this is a big concern in the coaching space because likely you’ve heard horror stories or been in a program where you felt like you were just a number and never got any access to the coach or what they told you they would do for you wasn’t what they actually did once you got in. No worries, in the KGN program you’re not going to have that experience! I do all of the thyroid weight loss strategy, 1:1 coaching with Level 1 & 2. I do group coaching calls during the month as well!

I’m not sure my spouse/partner is going to support me making this investment (or maybe you’ve made a bad investment before and they are leery of supporting the next one).2024-04-22T14:07:40-05:00

I really do feel like this is a personal communication discussion that has to happen between the two of you. I think it’s really important to have open discussions about your health and goals that you want to accomplish, and make sure that they are on the same

page with you about how you truly feel, and how your thyroid condition is unlike anything else. And it’s often very important that maybe you let them look at the resources here on the website, my program video, or even my social media. Many ladies have actually thanked me for building awareness for their partners.

How soon can I get started? Is your program open all the time?2024-04-22T13:59:10-05:00

Because of the one-to-one nature of this program, I do have to enroll on certain start dates per month. New clients are enrolled on Mondays. I try to make accommodations as fast as possible but realize we do book out several weeks in advance.

How fast will I see weight loss?2023-04-05T10:14:55-05:00

My clients lose weight their first week! My clients lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs in the first month, depending on how much they have to lose. They average 0.5 – 4 lbs of weight loss each week. Yes, clients see the most weight loss their first month, but in the second month, this is when they break into the consistent reliable weight loss! This is gold! Yes, nothing feels better than to lose weight fast, but only to regain it all, like most programs that have failed you. This is where my program is different. My clients are able to confidently KNOW how to project when they will hit their target weight loss goal by the end of month 2! Having a sustainable lifestyle while feeling amazing and seeing consistent reliable weight loss that is maintainable once at goal weight is key. I’ve had clients in six months of working with me lose 50+ lbs. It’s definitely more than possible to have a huge weight loss.

How soon will I be able to reduce and get off my thyroid meds?2024-04-22T13:56:21-05:00

I’ve had clients as soon as week 3 of being in the program go back to have their thyroid levels drawn, and their Dr reduces their thyroid medication! At no point will I ever recommend decreasing meds, this is up to your Dr. Listen to my podcast episode here for how to reduce and get off thyroid meds. On average, I have all my clients go get their thyroid panel redrawn in month 3 of working together, and this is typically when levels improve and the Dr. Starts to reduce their thyroid medication. I’ve even had clients as soon as month 3 taken off of their thyroid meds. If you do not have a thyroid, yes, you will need to be on thyroid meds for life, however, my clients without a thyroid still see consistent weight loss, feel better and have their thyroid meds reduced.