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Why the KGN Program is for You

You’re tired of being stuck, not knowing how to lose weight with your thyroid condition, or you just want to get back to feeling like your good old self! You want a simple diet and you want a nutritionist who gets it. A coach that can keep it simple but show you how to see consistent, reliable weight loss with a thyroid condition while living your best life, and eating the foods you love.

I take it very seriously that you are considering me as your coach. I won’t let you down-I have 8 years of being a Hormone & Thyroid Nutritionist and have led 1000s of clients to lead successful weight loss reversing their thyroid condition as well.

I know you’re tired of constantly living pre-occupied wondering if you’re eating the right foods or not, losing and regaining the same 10 lbs, and feeling like an absolute zombie with no energy to do the things in life that make you happy! ready to finally learn how to lose weight and eat for your thyroid so you can walk away from the self-loathing, and have the freedom that comes with reversing your thyroid condition?!

What You Can Expect


Nothing is worse than being let down by a large investment. In the KGN Program, that’s never going to happen. With me, you’re never a number, but a valued client and friend. We’ll work together as you get a luxury coaching experience that sets you up for success.


Between our 1:1 feedback opportunities, daily q&a thread, 1:1 time you get with me, plus 2 live Zoom coaching calls a week, no one gets left behind or feels unsupported. There’s no way you can’t thrive in a program like this. It’s literally set up with no way to fail.


You have daily support options and I will always support you as an individual with custom weight loss needs and planning specific for your thyroid and busy lifestyle. Your weight loss plan needs to be unique to you, not a plan everyone else is following.

When I opened this program, I set out to make it the BEST in the industry. I wanted it to be a one-stop-shop for all your coaching and weight loss needs, and guess what, it totally is!


Services Included

Here’s a list of services included in your membership to KGN:
(PS, you’re basically getting 5 services for 1 price!), This is a six month program with an option to renew at a discount after. Many of my clients work with me for one to two years.

1. Weight Loss Strategy & Coaching

1:1 feedback via on-demand style coaching

(you want a response within 1-2 days, not 1-2 weeks right?). This is super simple, submit a feedback form & get a response within 48 business hours.

Custom coaching roadmap

For thyroid weight loss strategy and planning month-to-month. This includes meal plan customization, strategizing your week to simplify meal prep, workout schedule that compliments your goals (optional), weight loss planning & projections, and troubleshooting as problems arise so we can take fast action to fix them and move forward. You and I work on this together and you can request a weight loss plan review anytime you need it.

Facebook Community

With access to FAQs, bonus guides for quick checklists and fast answers to thyroid weight loss-related questions, the ability to find community with ladies who are JUST like you with a thyroid condition, sharing tips, and receiving personal feedback from me.

Resource Library

This library is updated a minimum of each quarter. It’s no fluff, all direct action, and cutting-edge simplifying thyroid weight loss, discussing why and how to your questions about the thyroid with research simplified, thyroid lab guides, and thyroid weight loss strategy. Not general “eating healthy” diet information that doesn’t work for someone with a thyroid condition. You’ll finally have the knowledge and skillset to empower you to live your life eating for YOUR thyroid, trusting your body again!

2. Weekly Thyroid Meal Plans

Done-for-you meal plans specifically customized for women with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s following my proven Keto Girl Method. The meal plans are super simple recipes that the whole family love! We work together to further customize them on the group calls and 1:1 to suite your busy lifestyle, preferences and goals. On-the-go with no time to cook? No worries! We plan how to eat out confidently customizing a plan that works for YOU! No one is cookie-cutter, and I personally make meal plan adjustments that align with your current schedule in week one!

3. Updated Modules

Including templates, bonus content guides, access to all previous and future bonus training throughout the year, and more!

*I do 100% of my own weight loss strategy and coaching. I do not employ any co-coaches. I deliver the strategy from me to YOU.

4. Progress Update & Goal Setting

4 Progress Update & Goal Setting group calls per month.

An amazing bonus you’ll love! I added this on Mondays as it’s valuable to feel supported and accountable the first day of the week and align your goals. This is a FREE service to you!

5. Weight Loss Strategizing & Customization

4 Weight Loss Strategizing & Customization group calls per month.

This is where the magic all happens! A weight loss strategy that accompanies your goals and lifestyle! We discuss all things from strategizing your meals for your week, nagivate traveling and staying on track, or eating out confidently, to mindset and routines to simplify your week and heal your adrenal glands.

How to Get Started

We can discuss all this in the DM!

Choose a level of programming

(You can upgrade anytime)

Choose a start date

You can also put a deposit down for a later start date!

Choose a payment plan

We have monthly, paid-in-full discounted options, or pay half now/half later.

What You Get for 6 months!

Level 1

GROUP & 1-ON-1


Paid in-full includes 10% Discount. HSA & FSA accepted.


Installment Plan

  • 2 Weekly Live Group Zooms
  • 2 1:1 Feedback a month
  • Weekly thyroid meal plans

  • Daily Q&A Thread
  • Resource Library (updated minimum each quarter)
  • 1 week of 1:1 GetHealthie Chat Support to give you a fast start
  • Custom Coaching Roadmap for 1:1 Thyroid Weight Loss Strategy and Planning each month
  • FREE Services w/ your KGN Membership – Progress Update & Goal Setting group call weekly




Paid in-full includes 10% Discount. HSA & FSA accepted.


Installment Plan

  • Level 1 + PLUS:

  • All-access chat support available M-F

  • 1:1 style coaching for personalized support

  • Guided customization on meals (food substitutes, on-the-go meals, restaurant menus, etc)

  • Flexible and prompt support when needed most

A la carte all-access monthly chat $397 or 1:1 calls $347 each-can be added on anytime.

If you would like to discuss a custom payment plan, please let me know in the DM!