Eggs and Hashimoto’s

Have you cut out dairy and gluten, but still notice gut issues such as bloating, stomach cramps, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation???

AND barely seeing weight loss? Or your Dr. upped your Levothyroxine meds again?

Most likely it’s an egg intolerance. 

Hashimoto’s egg intolerance

Clients who have an egg intolerance are unable to properly digest both the egg white and yolk. As a result, they typically notice digestive issues within a couple of hours after consuming. 

I have found that most of my clients with a thyroid imbalance like Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s have some form of an egg intolerance.

How does it cause weight gain & increased pill burden?

Any food intolerance causes inflammation. When eaten often, the inflammation becomes constant, which eventually leads to weight gain and poor absorption of medication. 

When clients follow the anti-inflammatory Keto Girl Method they instantly see weight loss for the first time in years, and their labs improve drastically by month 3. This is why their doctor is able to decrease their medication or even take them off of it completely. 

Research shows eggs are both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory

According to research, eggs have been found to be both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. 

I have found that my PCOS clients do not have an egg intolerance and therefore eggs have been shown to be anti-inflammatory for them.

However, in the case of my clients with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, once they follow the Keto Girl Method and remove eggs, they see dramatic improvements in weight loss, gut health, and thyroid levels.

But do I have to avoid eggs forever? Even in baked goods?

Clients are able to reverse their thyroid imbalance and still occasionally have Keto Girl friendly baked goods containing eggs.

Clients are advised to avoid eggs, and other inflammatory foods, for an initial period of time. Doing so, decreases inflammation and resets gut health. 

However, I believe all foods can fit, and I strategize with clients how often to incorporate the foods they love while maintaining results.