Why Eating Less and Working Out Harder Isn’t the Solution to Weight Loss

Do you feel frustrated and burnt out working so hard to lose weight, to only see the scale creeping UP?!

GIRL! You are NOT alone! It’s NOT you! It’s the hormone imbalance that is currently going on. We need to focus on eating differently and not eating less!

If eating less isn’t making the scale go down, this is why!

Calorie counting is an outdated and unrealistic diet for long-term weight loss for most women. Many eventually regain weight, as it does not focus on the right RATIO of food on your plate!

FYI, I haven’t counted a calorie since going keto. My Keto Girl Method is about having the right ratio of fat, carbs and protein on your plate while still enjoying the occasional margarita and taco! You burn fat for the long-term!! No more being hungry!!

Most of my clients benefit from following my Keto Girl Method due to it being flexible and maintainable all while seeing REAL weight loss results and happy hormones! Yes, you CAN reverse PCOS and get off of your thyroid medication!

I take a holistic approach to identifying a client’s weight gain. If you have inflammation going on in your body, you will NOT lose weight! We must identify possible foods (i.e. gluten, dairy, eggs, etc.) that could be contributing to your inflammation and resulting in weight gain.

Signs that you may have a hormone imbalance with inflammation going on:

  • Always tired
  • Intense sugar cravings
  • History of binge eating
  • Unable to lose weight
  • GI discomfort
  • Always feel bloated
  • Mood swings
  • Infertility
  • Acne

Does any of this ring a bell? If so, I got you! Click the link below to get started with online keto coaching today.