Levels 1 – 2 get a combination of chat and voice support via a chat coaching app. My clients love this coaching app because you can talk, send files, send texts, it’s very on demand, and all HIPPA compliant (ie medical information is secure), and it allows me to be available to them every single day.

My clients get a coaching response within 24 business hours and usually 1 to 2 times in the same day. They are busy losing weight and feeling great, and they don’t have time to be on multiple calls every single week or be bogged down with things to watch – they want on-demand, in the moment answers and I’m sure you do too!

I don’t know any other coaching program that provides this level of support for the price investment. My clients love the hands-on nature of the program and they get to talk to me every day in one form or fashion and this is why they are able to lose weight and completely reverse their thyroid condition for good.

All levels of my program do get two live zooms each week that are Q&A round table style, so this is a more face-to-face environment as well.