My clients lose weight their first week! My clients lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs in the first month, depending on how much they have to lose. They average 0.5 – 4 lbs of weight loss each week. Yes, clients see the most weight loss their first month, but in the second month, this is when they break into the consistent reliable weight loss! This is gold! Yes, nothing feels better than to lose weight fast, but only to regain it all, like most programs that have failed you. This is where my program is different. My clients are able to confidently KNOW how to project when they will hit their target weight loss goal by the end of month 2! Having a sustainable lifestyle while feeling amazing and seeing consistent reliable weight loss that is maintainable once at goal weight is key. I’ve had clients in six months of working with me lose 50+ lbs. It’s definitely more than possible to have a huge weight loss.