That’s a simple answer! ME – I’m the difference! Maybe you already gathered that but I provide a very high touch relationship based coaching environment specific for women with a thyroid condition. My clients love me, I love them! We become friends during the process and see a lot of impact together, and I have a community that you’ll be so thankful to be a part of.

The experience with me is so unique there’s nothing else like it. And you probably already got that vibe from me through our conversations, on social, or just from my brand in general. I lead with my heart! I will work harder for you than you may even work for yourself! That’s how serious I take this and this is so much more than a business transaction to me.

That’s why my program is the BEST one for you. And let’s state the facts, I have the best track record and a proven system that actually works to get results and testimonials all over the place, so this is another reason why you should join KGN now!

I am a thyroid Registered Dietitian expert, and have over 8 years of experience working with women who have a hormone and thyroid condition, helping them reverse it for good. I only accept women with a thyroid condition for this reason. I have a proven method specifically designed for women to get to the root of their thyroid condition while providing the needed customization to make it your own! No “cookie-cutter” plan here!

To learn how my Keto Girl Method is specifically for women like you, click here to listen to my podcast episode.