Hormone Imbalance Symptoms Women

Eating less and not losing weight?

You most likely have a hormone imbalance.

Sign of a Hormone Imbalance Developing

Does weight gain seem like it appeared overnight? The body has most likely been developing a hormone imbalance for quite some time, and weight gain is simply a symptom showing up. It is often common to have several hormone imbalances.

Now What?!

You will NOT consistently lose weight until you address the root cause. Weight loss may be slow at first, but with the right changes it will be consistent and lasting!

You CAN heal your hormones by addressing insulin resistance, identifying inflammatory foods and improving cortisol levels; all of which lead to consistent weight loss 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Root Cause Keto Girl Method

The Keto Girl Method takes a holistic approach to heal hormone imbalances focusing on reversing insulin resistance, avoiding inflammatory foods and healing your cortisol (stress hormone), which results in weight loss!

The primary root cause of many hormone imbalances (i.e. PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue) is Insulin Resistance. 

It Begins with Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance occurs when your body resists the insulin that is produced after a high carb meal. This is due to years of putting up with transporting too many carbs that wear it out. This resistance causes that high carb meal to be stored as FAT instead of as energy.

Inflammation with Food Intolerances

After insulin resistance, inflammation soon sets in. This is where one will usually start noticing gluten and dairy intolerances. It may start out with some bloating and fatigue, but it can progress to intense GI distress.

Highly Stressed & Always Tired!

The underlying inflammation and insulin resistance take a toll on the body along with the constant daily stresses of life. High stress results in high cortisol levels, which can turn into Adrenal Fatigue, when the cortisol levels stay high for too long.

Up Next…

Stay tuned for how to start reversing PCOS, Hypothyroidism or Adrenal Fatigue without having to eat less or track 20g of net carbs daily!

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