The Keto Girl Method recommends avoiding dairy. 

Women who have Hashimotos, Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism have shown to be lactose intolerant, and once they avoid dairy, their TSH levels significantly improve. 

Dairy Causing Unnecessary High Dosage of Medication?!

Research has shown that when you have a thyroid imbalance, dairy can inhibit proper absorption of both medication and nutrients. This means you could be on a crazy high and possibly unnecessary dosage of Levothyroxine (or other thyroid medications) due to the improper absorption of medication caused by eating dairy.

This is a huge reason why so many Keto Girls see dramatic improvement in their thyroid levels within 3 months. They are able to decrease their thyroid medications after getting their thyroid levels redrawn by their Physician. 

Insulin Growth Factor:

To further understand why you should avoid dairy, you need to understand the role that the Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1) has on your hormones. Okay, I’m gonna get a little nerdy on ya, but stay with me! It will make sense.

In short, women with a thyroid imbalance and PCOS tend to have higher than normal levels of IGF-1. Studies show that IGF-1 mimics the structure and role of insulin in the body. IGF-1 is found in dairy products (including both cows and goats) and has the same structure as human IGF-1. Consuming dairy will increase these IGF levels in humans. 

Increases insulin, causing sugar to be stored as fat

As a result of high IGF-1 levels, insulin will increase and eventually lead to insulin resistance (where your body converts sugar to be stored as fat, instead of energy). This is when you notice that eating less and exercising more stops working!

Affects your sex hormones!

Insulin resistance can lead to increased testosterone and estrogen, which is why you may experience irregular periods and even infertility!

…then comes WEIGHT GAIN!

Yes, all of this constant inflammation going on in the body leads to weight gain. To address the weight gain, you need to work backwards. The first step is to improve your IGF-1 levels. This leads to improved insulin sensitivity and happy sex hormones….and weight loss is a sign that you’re reversing all of these issues! YAY!!!!

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