Keto Girl Diet Plan

Have you tried a regular keto plan using your carb tracker, limiting carbs to 20g net carbs a day and forcing all the fat down at the end of the day, only to barely see the scale go down?! Then this is for you!

The keto diet has been a popular weight loss method for years, but many find it’s a hard diet to follow and maintain long-term. After all, being keto means regularly counting your macronutrients (AKA carbs, protein and fat) to make sure you have plenty of fat and protein in your diet, along with limiting your carb intake, right? Not necessarily. 

This is where the Keto Girl Nutritionist Method (AKA KGN Method) comes in! It allows you to stop obsessing over the details and instead pay attention to your body talking: hunger and fullness, energy levels, hormone health, waistline measurements, etc. 

Benefits of Keto Girl Nutritionist Method

1. Less Stressful Than Regular Keto
The KGN Method does not require measuring or weighing food. Instead it focuses on the portions of the foods on your plate while paying attention to your hunger and fullness.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Hormone Health
Get to the root cause of your weight gain by focusing on avoiding inflammatory foods, instead of eating less and less carbs. 

3. It’s More Sustainable Than Regular Keto
Regular keto focuses on excluding all carbs. However, when clients follow the KGN Method, they are able to still include their favorite fun carbs (i.e. fries and cupcakes) a couple days a week while still seeing results.

4. Hormone Friendly
Regular keto is notorious for high dairy, keto snacks that contain gluten, etc. Women with a hormone imbalance (i.e. PCOS, hypothyroidism, menopause, etc.) need to watch these foods, or they will not see the keto benefits. The KGN Method focuses on taking a holistic approach to balance hormones.

5. Faster Weight Loss
By focusing on reducing stress and inflammatory foods, clients are able to lose weight faster. Clients average 2-3 lbs a week, and so can you!

The Bottom Line

If eating less or following regular keto hasn’t given you the benefits you’re looking for when it comes to weight loss and hormone health, the KGN Method is the keto coaching for you!  It is a more manageable option for ladies who are interested in keto but are nervous about the diet’s restrictive nature.