How to Stay on Track on Vacation

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Feeling tense and stressed about an upcoming vacation with the fear of going off the rails?! Totally feel ya girl! Staying on track can feel super duper stressful. It may seem appealing to “treat yourself” the entire trip and put your “weight loss journey” on hold, but that can lead to unwanted weight gain and simply feeling like blahhhh the whole trip instead. It’s important to find your Keto Girl balance so you can continue to lose weight and eat your favorite foods while reversing PCOS or Hypothyroidism. 

Going into a vacation, it’s important to find the motivation to make a few small changes to how you typically operate on a trip. A plan and a Keto Girl mindset that is forgiving can go a long way. Below are four tips to stay on track with your goals AND enjoy yourself on vacation.

Tip 1: Goal Setting

First off, what is your wellness goal while going on vacation to reverse your PCOS or Hypothyroidism? To lose weight? To maintain? Either are totally fine, however, it is best to hold onto your why for starting your wellness journey and honoring your goal during this time. 

Goal #1 Lose weight: aim to stick with Keto Girl meals, avoiding high inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, and dairy. 

Goal #2 Maintain weight: aim to stick with 2 Keto Girl meals a day. Avoid high inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten and dairy, with the exception of allowing yourself 1 FUN gluten-free carb a day (size of your hand). 

Alright, picked your goal? Let’s start planning!

Tip 2: Plan Ahead!

The 2nd most important tip – BE PREPARED! This is essential for weight loss or maintenance while reversing your hormone imbalance. Have a plan and do your best to honor it. 

Is it a short 3-5 day trip? Or is it a 2 week trip? Will there be a place to cook or will you be eating out at most meals? Will you need some Keto Girl friendly grab-and-go snacks? Create a plan that feels doable based on the length of trip, location and food options. Planning your meals ahead of time helps you stay on track!

Tip 3: Don’t leave the house hungry 

This is a must… eat before you leave the house. Going out hungry (especially on vacation) can lead to mindless snacking and impulsive restaurant trips. 

Eating a meal or snack high in healthy fat and protein (i.e. avocado with tuna) will increase your fullness, decrease your sugar cravings and provide you with enough energy to have fun on your vacation. If you don’t eat a meal or a small snack, you’re more likely to overeat at lunch and dinner.

Tip 4: Look at menus beforehand

Again, eating out is a fun part of vacation and you CAN do it while feeling in control and staying aligned to your goals. Going into a restaurant with a plan will help you stay on track and limit those impulsive orders.

Before you pick a place, take a look at the menus. Make a list of your favorite Keto Girl friendly cuisines. Are there foods that sound enjoyable AND fit your goal? Go in knowing what you’ll order and stick to it. 

For example: Mexican restaurant – beef fajitas, with lettuce leaves on the side to replace tortillas (yes you can ask the waiter for this! You are paying for a service and can be a food snob!). Ask for extra guac on the side to increase fullness. Want a marg? Sure thing! Ask for a dry margarita on the rocks without simple syrup or agave. Ta-da! 

You can stay on track and enjoy your food even on vacation while reversing your hormone imbalance! My Keto Girls do it every day and so can you!

How to stay on track on vacation while on Keto

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