Do you regularly experience extreme fatigue, anxiety, bloating, and uncontrollable weight gain no matter how little you eat or consistently you track 20g net carbs every day?! If so, you may have a hormone imbalance.

Although there are many factors that contribute to hormone imbalances, FOOD has a huge impact. High intake of certain foods can cause chronic inflammation which can then imbalance your hormones and trigger various health issues like: Insulin Resistance, PCOS, Hypothyroidism or Adrenal Fatigue.

One key to balancing your hormones is to limit inflammation. Consuming high inflammatory foods, like sugar, gluten and dairy, should be replaced with consuming anti-inflammatory foods. Here are five swaps to get you started on your hormone healing journey!

Anti-Inflammatory Keto Girl Food Swaps 

Swap “keto” bread and pasta for a gluten-free keto bread and pasta

Wondering if you have a gluten intolerance? Do you feel bloated or fatigued after eating some keto bread? Gluten can cause “leaky gut” leading to constant inflammation, where one develops PCOS or Hypothyroidism and weight gain is a result. Although the keto diet is “mostly” gluten-free, you will find that a lot of prepackaged keto foods contain gluten as a preservative. Opt for gluten-free starches like GF keto bread, GF edamame pasta or Shirataki noodles.

Swap cheese for nutritional yeast 

Dairy contains Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1), which can lead to insulin resistance, inflammation, fertility issues (i.e. high testosterone and estrogen dominance), and ultimately weight gain. As a result, it is best to opt for vegan cheese. Vegan cheese can have a higher carb content so on low carb days nutritional yeast is the best option! It provides protein and fiber and is great to top on salads or use in casseroles. 

Swap creamy store-bought dressings for olive oil 

Salads are great… but the store bought dressing could ruin the “healthy” meal. Packaged dressings contain lots of inflammatory added sugars, dairy and fats. Instead, use olive oil which is full of anti-inflammatory components. 

Swap cow milk for a dairy-free alternatives

Almond or coconut milk are great alternatives to dairy-based milk. They contain anti-inflammatory fats and won’t cause inflammation like dairy does.

Swap “keto” snacks for whole foods 

Processed foods contain inflammatory oils and are high in sodium. For snacks, opt for whole foods like vegetables or nuts.