Keto Gift Guide

We’ve officially entered the season of gift giving. Although the holiday season is full of joy, it can be hectic. Deciding on and buying gifts can add to that long list of “Things To-Do”, but I’m here to help! The Keto Girl Method encourages implementing rewards that don’t involve food. Keto Girls treat themselves to things that are nourishing for the mind and soul; items or experiences that bring them happiness and warmth inside. I recommend using this philosophy when buying gifts this holiday season.

Are you shopping for someone (or yourself – we all deserve to be spoiled) who is on the Keto Girl journey to reversing hypothyroidism or hashimoto’s? Someone who loves a good self-care moment? Or someone who wants a healthier start to 2022? If so, below is a list of amazing gift options! 

8 Keto Gifts in the Keto Gift Guide

1. Massage

Massages have many great benefits, some of which include increasing relaxation and decreasing stress. They also can improve muscle tension/soreness, circulation and energy. This is a great self-care gift for anyone looking for some R&R! Better yet, book an entire spa day and enjoy it together!

2. Cooking Classes

These can range from basic culinary classes, to baking, to international foods and more. This is a great way for someone to learn some new skills in the kitchen or expand their palette. Some other cool food related classes are the art of plating or food photography. Sur La Table is one of my personal favorites to book a cooking class with a friend or even as a date night!

3. Journal & Pens

Know someone who is ready to take on 2022 and reach their goals? Daily self-reflection, thanksgiving and planning is key to staying on track with your weight loss goals. Get them a beautiful journal and new set of pens so they can jot down their New Year resolutions and track their progress. 

4. Lululemon 

Who doesn’t love a new pair of leggings? Lululemon has a wide selection of great quality activewear and other well-being items like water bottles and yoga mats.

5. New Cookware

Many Keto Girls love treating themselves to some top rated cookware or fun new meal prep containers that make cooking enjoyable. Know someone who wants to get in the kitchen more? This would be a perfect gift for them!

6. Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup (or any other water bottle) is a great gift for any Keto Girl! Staying hydrated is key to losing weight and reaching your health & wellness goals.

7. Meal Prep Containers

Meal planning and prepping are key to reversing your Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. Gifting a nice set of reusable, glass, meal prep containers is a great way to help out a Keto Girl looking to make healthy changes!

8. Keto Girl Program

Know someone who would benefit from reversing their Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism or PCOS? The gift of the Keto Girl Program goes beyond losing weight and feeling better; one is finally empowered to live their best life doing what they LOVE, without the crazy obsessive roller-coaster of diet-after-diet. 

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