How to Lower Thyroid Medication Naturally

Within 3 weeks of being in the Keto Girl Program, Claire lost 11.5 lbs and her Dr. reduced her thyroid meds. 

Keto Girl Claire tried all the diets, eating less and tracking every single carb and calorie, yet nothing worked!

Then she found the Keto Girl Nutritionist!

Keto Girl Claire’s Own Words:

“I’m so glad I found you. Even on day one, it wasn’t hard. I wasn’t left wanting more food to eat, which was crazy to me after years of depriving myself.” 

“After day one I lost more weight than I would typically lose in one week prior to the Keto Girl Program!”

The Dr. Visit

“My Dr. had me come in 3 weeks of starting the program. He redid my thyroid labs, and they came back on the higher side, which we were both surprised. As a result, he then lowered my medication.” 

180° Degree Change

“Week 3 was the best week so far. Yes, I had lost 11.5 lbs, but I was also excited to go out after work with my girlfriends, which prior to the Keto Girl Program, I was always exhausted and just wanted to stay in.”

Don’t judge the Keto Girl diet on anything you’ve done in the past.

“I’ve tried counting macros, working out like crazy, tried not eating a lot, Weight Watchers, ect. With those diets, when you fail, you blame yourself. Whereas with this, so what if you have one bad day. It’s so easy to go back on track and feel so good! Not only the number, but you’re gonna feel so much better!”

How did Claire see such fast results?

She did it by eating differently, not less. Claire gave up her carb tracker and the weighing and measuring of food; she traded it in for a mindful Keto Girl approach. It is possible to live freely again, not obsessing about food while trusting your body.