Whether you like your coffee ‘to go’, or you like to sip and savor, there’s no denying that for many of us, coffee is essential. The aroma, the heady first sip. A few precious moments to yourself each morning, or a Starbucks take-out to power you through your Monday meetings. The perfect end to a lazy weekend brunch… it’s definitely one of life’s little pleasures! 

If you have weight loss goals, you might be thinking you can’t have the delicious coffee drinks you enjoy. Or if you’re living with Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism, PCOS, or other auto-immune and hormone imbalance conditions, you might be trying to avoid inflammatory ingredients that seem to crowd coffee shop menus. 

But, let me tell you, there are options available! I am an advocate for eating and drinking what you love. And I want to empower women to stop restricting foods and counting carbs, all while sticking to their health and wellness goals. With a few easy tweaks to your order, you will be ready to take on the world, coffee in hand!

The Keto Girl Method is all about a sustainable and holistic approach to weight loss. It is about reversing the symptoms of thyroid imbalance. And it is ALL about coffee dates with your favorite people and your favorite keto drink. 

With these key tips and considerations for getting the best keto drinks on your coffee shop menu, you can order with confidence.

Tips for Keto-friendly coffee shop trips

Stick to one 8oz cup per day

Caffeine can absolutely have a place in a balanced diet. But remember, if you are living with a hypothyroidism condition, or Hashimoto’s disease, you can be at risk of adrenal fatigue. That can quickly leave you craving sugary/salty food, feeling exhausted and disrupting your sleep.

With the Keto Girl Method, the goal is to improve your energy levels naturally through your diet. Drinking too much caffeine can have the opposite effect. So keeping to one 8oz cup per day will help you stay on track while delivering that delicious caffeine fix!

Avoid inflammatory ingredients

Common ingredients such as gluten, dairy, eggs, and added sugar can all derail weight loss. But, crucially these trigger foods may also aggravate conditions, like hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. 

They creep into drinks in the form of colorings, additives, and milk, so being mindful of what goes in your cup is essential to your success.

Your Starbucks 101

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Starbucks menu doesn’t offer much for Keto Girls, but hold on!

Here are a few tips for ordering a keto Starbucks drink you can enjoy. Keeping you on track without having to say ‘no’ to coffee dates.


  • Check the menu. ‘Skinny’ does not mean keto-friendly, so don’t be afraid to tweak your order. Remember you’re avoiding inflammatory ingredients, so look for things you can substitute. So, opt for (unsweetened) nut milk instead of dairy, and sugar-free syrups instead of regular. 
  • Get on the Pink Drink hype. If you want to jump on the Starbucks Pink Drink bandwagon, ask for it to be made with the passion tango tea, and sugar-free syrup. The milk used is coconut, rather than dairy, so you’re now on the way to getting a keto Pink Drink that is as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy! 
  • Avoid a sugar high! Many drinks come with added sugar and have a high carbohydrate content, so watch out. For example – matcha, while not known for its overly sweet taste, does contain sugar at Starbucks. 
  • Limit sugar-free syrups. These are a great way to add your favorite flavors. But remember they still contain carbs (1g net carb per pump), so try and stick to 1-2 pumps. 
  • Avoid dairy milk. Instead, ask your barista for unsweetened nut, coconut, or oat milk. Be sure to check that the oat milk is gluten free.
  • Say no to whipped cream. Starbucks’ whipped cream is typically made with dairy milk and added sugar. 

Best keto Starbucks drinks 

  • Keto unsweetened iced coffee. A Grande iced coffee without classic syrup is ideal on a hot day.
  • Unsweetened tea. Go for black tea, green tea or the passion tango tea. 
  • Cold-brew or nitro cold brew. This doesn’t contain any carbs or sugar on its own, but avoid adding dairy-based cream.
  • Latte with nut or (gluten-free) oat milk. You could add 1-2 pumps of sugar-free syrup if desired.
  • Flat white. Just remember to ask for this with unsweetened nut or (gluten-free) oat milk. 

Any of these options will keep you on track with your health and weight loss goals, without forgoing your cup of joe! 

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